Cum sa construiesti propriul sistem de supraveghere tip NSA | WIRED

WeaverNSAsystemNicholas Weaver, cercetator in domeniul securitatii retelelor de la Universitatea Berkley, California a reusit sa devolte la scara mica, propriul sistem de supraveghere care sa indeplineasca functiile principale ale sistemelor Agentiei Nationale de Securitate Americane, NSA.

Pornit ca hobby in urma dezvalurilor lui Edward Snowden, proiectul demonstreaza cat de usor de realizat si ieftina este dezvoltarea unui asemenea sistem. (Gasiti articolul original al lui Weaver aici…)


How to Make Your Own NSA Bulk Surveillance System | WIRED

Weaver, a senior researcher at the International Computer Science Institute at UC Berkeley who focuses on network surveillance and security issues, developed a little hobby after the Snowden leaks in 2013: to build a bulk surveillance system in miniature that would be capable of performing all the primary tasks of an NSA spy system—but on a small, 100 Mbps-size network. Those capabilities had to include bulk data collection, search functionality, the ability to track cookies and identify anonymous users, a method for injecting malware into a surveillance target’s computer for more directed surveillance, and a friendly web interface. Luckily, Weaver realized, he already had off-the-shelf equipment that met the criteria.

Source: How to Make Your Own NSA Bulk Surveillance System | WIRED