Cum poate camera web sa devina cel mai mare cosmar al dvs.

Camera web poate deveni cel mai negru cosmar al dvs. Un grup de cercetatori au reusit sa transforme un webcam intr-un backdoor care sa permita atacatorilor sa se conecteze de la distanta la dispozitiv. Pericolele dispozitivelor IoT (Internet of things) ce pot fi exploatate sunt diverse si ofera o gama larga de posibilitati de atac si devine tot mai posibila exploatarea lor prin metode tot mai simple.

How Your Webcam Can Become Your Worst Nightmare:A group of security researchers turned a working webcam into a backdoor allowing attackers to remotely connect themselves with the device.The dangers of hackable Internet of Things (IoT) devices are various and wide-ranging and it is becoming more and more likely that such devices get hacked through some simple engineering skills. Recently, the Vectra Networks researchers carried out an experiment in which they transformed a D-Link DCS 930L webcam into a backdoor device.

Source: How Your Webcam Can Become Your Worst Nightmare