PrivaTegrity – o noua modalitate de comunicare securizata si anonimizata prin internet

Utilizand conceptul Mix Network, expus de specialistul in criptografie David Chaum’s in lucrarea “cMix: Anonymization by High-Performance Scalable Mixing”, noul tip de retea obtine aceleasi viteze de conexiune ca si TOR dar cu o protectie mult mai buna contra analizei criptografice.

New Anonymous Communication Network PrivaTegrity LaunchedPrivaTegrity communication network provides secure communication platform and Anonymity — Maybe better than Tor.A new anonymous communication network by the name of PrivaTegrity has been launched by renowned encryption specialist David Chaum. The network achieves same connection speed as Tor but provides better protection against cryptanalysis techniques.According to the encryption specialist, PrivaTegrity addresses as well as fixes some of the standing issues faced by The Onion Router, or Tor as it is commonly called. The issues that PrivaTegrity solves are both technical and legal.PrivaTegrity uses the concept of Mix Network.

Source: New Anonymous Communication Network PrivaTegrity Launched