UK – Backdoor in protocolul “de nivel guvernamental” de encriptare a comunicatiilor VoIP.

Protocolul MIKEY-SAKKE pentru encriptarea comunicatiilor VoIP la nivel guvernamental in Marea Britanie este prevazut cu modalitati de decriptare de catre autoritati (backdoor) aceasta permitand interceptarea tuturor comunicatiilor intervenite intre actorii guvernamentali.

Protocolul este impus ca standard intre institutii si este promovat ca standard pentru companiile care vor sa dezvolte dispozitive si sisteme care interactioneaza cu sistemele guvernamentale sau, pur si simplu, tuturor celor care doresc sa implementeze “encriptare de nivel guvernamental”.

UK’s ‘Government-Grade Encryption’ For VoIP Calls Backdoored By Default

According to Steven Murdoch, who works in the Information Security Research Group of University College London, the MIKEY-SAKKE VoIP (Voice over IP) encryption protocol promoted by GCHQ, UK’s spy agency, has a weakness (or backdoor) that allows all conversations to be intercepted without the targets knowing about it.

The protocol is being mandated for government use, which means that all of the UK government’s employees could be subject to surveillance by GCHQ.

It’s also being promoted by the agency for outside use by companies who want to make devices that interoperate with government devices and by those who want “government-grade” encryption.

Source: UK’s ‘Government-Grade Encryption’ For VoIP Calls Backdoored By Default