Ransomware: Cum sa abordam atacurile de extorcare prin sisteme informatice in 2016 – PC Advisor

Atacurile ransomware au devenit tot mai agresive. De la simpla encriptare a datelor utilizatorilor, actualmente s-a ajuns la amenintari cu publicarea online a tuturor datelor victimei, Ransomware a fost una dintre cele mai lucrative activitati a infractorilor cibernetici si o problema majora pentru utilizatorii simpli si pentru companii.

Initial doar utilizatorii sistemului de operare Windows au cazut victime dar situatia s-a schimbat odata cu aparitia primelor programe ransomware pentru Linux si Android. Desi previzibila aceasta schimbare pentru expertii in securitate informatica, noul peisaj in 2016 este unul ingrijorator pentru utilizatori si extrem de profitabil pentru infractori.

Ransomware: How to tackle extortion attacks in 2016 – Feature – PC Advisor


Ransomware is getting more aggressive. Where users previously faced being locked out of their critical information, now malware writers are threatening to post all accessed data online Ransomware has been one of the most lucrative businesses for cybercriminals – and a major pain for end-users and businesses – for the past couple of years.

At first only the Windows operating system was targeted, but the status quo changed when Linux and Android ransomware samples started claiming victims. While security experts agree it was bound to happen, this diversification can only bring forth a 2016 that’s scary for the average internet user and profitable for malware developers.

Source: Ransomware: How to tackle extortion attacks in 2016 – Feature – PC Advisor